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Sino-US relations crucial to global peace and growth

[ 2017-05-28 ]
... role over the discussion of global governance, making new rules and creating new concepts and models for international cooperation. The author is co-chairman of the Center for China and Globalization and former vice minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The article is an ...

China-EU meeting to boost relations

[ 2017-05-27 ]
...ination in trying to enter the Chinese market, Beijing points to the large profits European companies make in China. But these are unlikely to derail a meeting which seems destined to further boost EU-China relations. The author is the director of the EU-Asia Centre in Brussels.

Anti-graft campaign must not hurt employees

[ 2017-05-27 ]
...hey have the power to deny the employees the small gifts they deserve during festivals. Therefore, the discipline authorities need to make sure the implementation of anti-corruption rules does not cause accidental harm to ordinary people. The author is a writer with China Daily.

Need clarity on what is illegal gambling

[ 2017-05-27 ]
...f time and energy if they focus on the purpose of gambling activities. And playing mahjong or any other game with friends and/or relatives for recreation should not be considered illegal. The author is a professor of law at Wuhan-based Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.

Moody's subjective analysis goes awry

[ 2017-05-27 ]
...t crisis. Moody's lowering of China's rating cannot be compared with the downgrading of ratings of other emerging economies that rely on foreign debt for financing. So there is no need to fuss over Moody's report. The author is a researcher in trade with the Ministry of Commerce.

Whale experts' huge breakthrough

[ 2017-05-27 ]" And it happened "in the blink of an evolutionary eye", which makes it harder to figure out what happened, said Graham Slater, lead author of the study. Their study has proposed an answer: Ice ages in the last 3 to 5 million years started it, changing the oceans and food su...

Time US embraced a multipolar world order

[ 2017-05-26 ] The progress made by the Belt and Road projects should help the US better understand what the international community really needs, so that it can handle its relations with China more constructively. The author is a professor of US studies at China Foreign Affairs University.

China's diplomacy in the Pacific is positive in nature

[ 2017-05-26 ]
...ty that China must take up in a complex world. If China is going to continue to grow, we the nations of the Pacific must celebrate that as an opportunity and not as a threat to our region. The author is Vanuatu prime minister's parliamentary secretary and a member of parliament.

Asia needs deeper financial integration

[ 2017-05-26 ]
...foreign exchange reserves to bilateral currency swaps and from regional to global resources, for that. In this regard, the CMIM certainly plays a key role for Asia. The author is a researcher with the Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Belt and Road may be a wise initiative for G7

[ 2017-05-26 ]
...G7 countries. That is evidence of the difference the inclusive, reciprocal initiative can make to the international community and regional groups. The author is a professor of international relations at Renmin University of China, and a senior researcher at The Charhar Institute.

Talks aim to reinforce climate approach

[ 2017-05-26 ]
...her to uphold the multilateral system, oppose protectionism and develop economic globalization in an equitable and rational manner. The author is a senior media consultant for China Daily. Contact the writer at (China Daily Africa Weekly 05/26/2017...

Explorer charted course for friendship

[ 2017-05-26 ]
... important supporter of China's Belt and Road Initiative. It will also become the first stop for Chinese companies entering Africa. The author is the economic and commercial counsellor of the embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Kenya. The views do not ne...

Belt and Road bodes well for Africa

[ 2017-05-26 ]
...Africa looks forward to more tangible economic benefits, particularly in setting up manufacturing bases and increased job creation. The author is the director of the Center for Strategic Policy Management at Africa Policy Institute. The views do not necessarily reflect those of ...

On the way to achieving targeted growth rate

[ 2017-05-26 ]
...alance between achieving stable economic growth and ensuring a safe financial environment, with the latter being a more urgent task. The author is a senior writer with China Daily. Contact the writer at (China Daily Africa Weekly 05/26/2017 page12)

EU-China summit comes at crucial time

[ 2017-05-26 ]
... on China's access to the European market, Europe hopes to be able to harness some of China's bustling energy for its own purposes. The author is a visiting professor at the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. The views do not necessarily reflect those of China Dai...

Conversation should be looking beyond trade

[ 2017-05-26 ]
...lanations. With Belt and Road, China has embarked on a long journey and set itself many ambitious goals. But it cannot do it alone. The author is the director for Europe and geopolitics at Friends of Europe, a think tank in Brussels. The views do not necessarily reflect those of...

Lifting global economic collaboration

[ 2017-05-26 ]
... the world economy and will create win-win opportunities, which could lead to a more vibrant regional and global economic recovery. The author is a professor at and associate dean of the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University. The views do not necessarily reflect...

Trump signals shift in US foreign policy

[ 2017-05-25 ]
...lopments show the US foreign policy is shifting toward the Middle East, which traditionally had been the case before Obama implemented his "rebalancing to Asia" strategy. The author is a professor at and associate dean of the Institute of International Studies, Fudan University.

Don't belittle China to win praise abroad

[ 2017-05-25 ]
... outlets, need to reflect how we can break the stereotype image of our country and help the world better understand modern China, so that speakers like Yang do not disparage their motherland to win applause abroad. The author is a writer with China Daily.

Any capital outflow must not be allowed to hurt stock market

[ 2017-05-25 ]
...minimize the effect of any capital outflow. As a result, the CSRC has been very cautious in guiding the index lower so that a capital outflow does not have a serious impact on the domestic stock market. The author is a senior writer with China Daily.
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